The Hidden Cost Of Dropped Calls

$300 is the average cost of routine healthcare appointments. 

Consider now multiplying that by the number of appointments you don't get to book. 

Enter your daily call volume, estimated dropped call rate %, and revenue per appointment on our calculator, and find out how much revenue CCD Health can help you recover.




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Join the experts in Patient Scheduling Services at CCD Health for an informative discussion on how we have helped leading U.S. Imaging Centers leverage data on patient behaviors to drive positive revenue change and enhance their patient experience.

How CCD Health cut call abandonment rate from 27% to 2% and recovered +$587,200 USD in net revenue in only 5 mo.

Picture this:

March 2023: an unforeseen 10-15% surge in call volume due to severe understaffing. Consequently, patients who were unable to connect initially made multiple attempts throughout the day, leading to a cascading effect and a spike in abandoned call rates, peaking at 27%.

Step 1: Understand and quantify the challenge

A national provider of diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology services with a network of 9 outpatient imaging centers in Florida was losing around USD 12,000 in revenue daily.

Step 2: Use data analysis tools to create an optimization plan

Select the appropriate data analysis tools to manage and optimize our contact center workforce: 

Tools chosen: 

  • Staffing analysis: we performed a comprehensive analysis to assess the current Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staffing levels at specific time intervals while taking into account Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Average Speed of Answer (ASA). 
  • Staffing plan: This 4-6 week plan encompasses the required headcount, anticipated attrition, class schedule, and the expected weekly onboarding of new workforce. 

Step 3: Understand and quantify the challenge

Structured call flows and scripts ensure that agents follow a consistent and standardized approach when handling customer inquiries. This consistency minimizes variations in call handling, reducing AHT.


Step 4: Monitoring the optimization plan outcome with data analytics and visualization dashboards

Step 1 Understand and quantify the challenge (1)

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