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Building an in-house team of patient support representatives, managers, and Q&A specialists in-house is rarely cost-efficient, and your staff often lacks experience with patient appointment scheduling, engagement, and other medical best practices.


Find out how your healthcare organization can benefit from an outsourced business provider in CCD Health

Turn patient
support into your main advantage

Lower your patient no-show rates, increase resource utilization and promote efficiency at your medical center with best practices and advanced analytics tailored for healthcare.

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Patient appointments scheduled/quarter



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HIPAA and SLA compliant

Reduced abandoned calls. Improved patient experience. 

Drive more revenue by reducing patient no-shows and improving patient satisfaction, with the leading healthcare call center for U.S.-based radiology and medical centers.

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Patient appointment scheduling

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Appointment scheduling workforce and staffing analysis

CCD works with any RIS

We provide comprehensive RIS-compatible services to assist with efficiently and accurately managing radiology imagery and other data. Our services enable health professionals to easily capture, store, share, and access data quickly and accurately, helping to streamline patient care. 

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Active members of the Radiology Business Management Association

Our commitment to excellence in radiology management extends beyond our headquarters. By partnering with the RMBA, we stay ahead of industry trends and best practices, ensuring that our call center services align with the highest standards of radiology care and the latest advancements in radiology management. When you choose our healthcare call center, you can be confident in our dedication to providing exceptional support and delivering outstanding patient experiences. 

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“We definitely accelerated with CCD. The biggest thing for me is that having an outsourced patient support group forced us to fast-track a lot of the things I wanted to do initially, like standardizing our patient scheduling and intake processes.”

CCD Health customer Radiology provider

“Their business intelligence is the biggest driver to making sure our profit margin is staying where it should be. Their business analytics is really focused on process optimization and helping their operational teams identify what we can do to improve.”

CCD Health customer Radiology provider

“CCD’s Business Intelligence is probably one of the best things they’ve done. They’re good at keeping everyone aligned with KPIs and show us optimized staffing models so we can make sure we're all agreeing on staffing models to make sure our profit margin is staying where it should be. “

CCD Health customer Radiology provider