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We are constantly evolving and improving our security and technology, complying with international regulations to ensure our clients have best in class protection and services.

Our technology allows us to assist your customers wherever they are with an omnichannel approach.

Protecting your business is one of our top priorities.

Security is crucial in our day-by-day process. That’s why we work with certified innovating systems to offer you the peace of mind you deserve.

PCIDSS compliant so you and your customers are secured from fraud.

HIPAA compliant so all medical data is secure and private.

Efficient customer care on social media, via web chats, and through email and SMS.

Seamless integration into your existing technology platform.

  • Access to multiple platforms
  • Efficient customer care on social media, via webchats, and through email and SMS
  • Cross-platform analytics with insights to ensure the best customer care


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Security is crucial in our day-by-day processes at CCD. We use certified innovative systems to give our customers peace of mind. We comply with both HIPAA and PCIDSS regulations. Additionally, we offer seamless integration with your existing technology platforms to ensure your data is always protected.

Yes, we support Live Chat software. Our goal is to enable our customers to access the most efficient and effective communication channels. eoffer various touchpoint management options, including but not limited to, VoIP, E-mail, SMS, surveys, and social media.

We understand that dropped calls can be frustrating, plus they represent lost revenue for our customers. CCD guarantees that 92% of our customers' incoming calls are answered in less than a minute. Our care call center utilizes advanced call queueing technology, and we prioritize callback and appointment scheduling campaigns with intelligent analytics to bring our customer's AHT and dropped call rates to lower minimums.

We offer a no-commitment 90-day trial period. After that, we work under flexible contract options to scale up and down the unique needs of each of our customers. Please get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements.

If your business receives 1,000 calls per day or more, CCD services could be a good fit for you. We recommend having an estimate of your dropped call rate or any historical call log reports when discussing your business needs with our representatives. Do you know the estimated revenue you might lose due to dropped calls? Find out with our free calculator.

Our contact center works with a wide range of the most commonly used radiology information systems (RIS) to streamline scheduling. Some of the RIS providers we integrate with particularly well include, but are not limited to (link to the list of providers).

We use a variety of programming languages and APIs to create integrations with the most common RIS available in the market, depending on each client's specific requirements. Our experienced IT will work closely with you to determine the best solution for your needs.

No, CCD does not offer overnight programs at this time. Our team of skilled specialists is available during regular business hours only.

CCD offers a hosted solution as well as seamless integration with your existing voice technology platforms to ensure your call center is properly connected to ours. We are very flexible and can adapt to any system you have, from VPNs to hosted applications. Our experienced technicians will work closely with you or your vendors to determine the best solution for your needs.

We assure your customers won't feel any difference as our care specialists team works as an extension of your team remotely.

Yes, our services are entirely HIPAA compliant. We understand the importance of protecting sensitive healthcare information, and we take every precaution to ensure that our services meet the highest standards of security and privacy for your patients.

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