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Customized services and unrivaled expertise.

Our Values

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Thinking clearly

Delivering top-notch results to inspire yourself and yours.

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Making CCD yours

Own it and take initiative

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Continuous improvement

Constantly learning and driving creative ideas to embrace development and bring best practices to our organization

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Service is our DNA

Demonstrating genuine empathy and a desire to make life easy and better for our team or our customers

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Doing what’s right

Ethical behavior is doing the right thing even when no one else is watching

What does it mean to work at CCD?

CCD's History

At CCD, we believe there’s a better way to manage your interactions. Whether you’re managing a large patient scheduling operation or a growing customer experience campaign, our goal is to make your processes more efficient, with great quality, at a great value.

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How We Work

Step 1- Healthcare BPO Process
One of our senior leaders will manage your Radiology or Healthcare center's project
Step 2- Healthcare BPO Process
We’ll immerse ourselves in your business, products and services, goals, and processes.
We’ll create a specific training program for your assigned agents.
We’ll set up our process to match your technology and communication platforms.
We'll develop unique KPIs, analytics, dashboards, reports, and QA benchmarks to deliver efficiency for your business.
We’ll deliver an onboarding process that meets expectations and sets you up to go live with CCD in less than 30  days.

Reasons to choose us

We recruit, train, and staff

We recruit, train and staff qualified patient care specialists to reduce dropped calls, absorbing HR risks on your behalf.

Cost reduction

We can achieve an approximate 40%+ reduction in appointment scheduling costs thanks to our competitive billable rate and appointment efficiency.


We have over a decade of experience serving the healthcare and radiology industry.

Patient care management is complex and delicate, we have extensive knowledge in management and operations in the field.

The Dominican Republic Advantage

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Business Process Outsourcing

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Shorter travel times and
local time zones

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telecom infrastructure

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Deep cultural
with the US

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fluency in English

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Meet Our Team

Every business has a goal, and ours have always been one: helping our clients optimize their processes and customer-facing operations.

From Radiology and Healthcare Centers to large corporations in different industries, our team always focuses on designing and implementing effective processes and offering top patient and customer support. 

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Security & Technology

Protecting your business is one of our top priorities. Robust security and next-generation technology are top of mind when we design our processes. That’s why we work with certified innovating systems to offer you the peace of mind you deserve.

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Your success drives us in everything we do. You’ll feel secure and confident that your customers are taken care of by talented, committed and highly trained customer care agents. With our knowledge, our willingness to adapt, and the value we bring to your business, we’re committed to becoming part of your team and a partner in your growth.
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