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Building an in-house team of patient support representatives, managers, and Q&A specialists in-house is rarely cost-efficient, and your staff often lacks experience with patient appointment scheduling, engagement, and other medical best practices.


Find out how your healthcare organization can benefit from an outsourced business provider in CCD Health



NLP-Powered Processing

Utilizes advanced natural language processing to interpret doctor’s notes and patient diagnoses and translates complex medical information into standardized CPT-ICD protocols.




Automation and Efficiency

Automates the selection of appropriate protocols, reducing manual workload and expedites scheduling tasks, allowing schedulers to focus on patient interaction.


Integration Capabilities

Seamlessly integrates with existing healthcare management systems and ensures compatibility with CMS standards for smooth operation and compliance.


Real-Time Updates

Provides up-to-date protocol information and adapts to changes in medical coding and standards, ensuring accuracy.

Why Choose Fidelity?

Fidelity stands at the forefront of healthcare scheduling technology, offering a robust solution that addresses the unique challenges faced by healthcare schedulers. By leveraging our NLP-based protocolling algorithms, you can transform your scheduling process, improve patient satisfaction, and enhance operational efficiency.

Empowering Providers with Precision

Enhanced Patient Communication

Provides accurate and precise patient information regarding their upcoming procedures, enhancing patient communication and satisfaction. 

Increased Agent Productivity

Automates and expedites protocol selection tasks, allowing medical schedulers to handle more appointments more efficiently.

Reduced Errors

Leverages advanced natural language processing technology to minimize errors in protocol selection and enhance accuracy and reliability in scheduling, reducing the risk of miscommunication.

Elevating Patient Experience Through Advanced NLP Technology