Understand and improve your Customer Experience (CX)

Optimize your workforce and resources with advanced analytics and business intelligence. All to reduce customer churn, increase referrals, and drive revenue with award-winning nearshore business intelligence.


Performance evaluation

(Back office)


Take advantage of up-to-date reporting and customized forecasting to ensure maximum performance in your day-to-day operations.


Performance diagnostic reporting


Get the insights your healthcare center needs to ensure its maximum operational efficiency and performance.


Training content creation



Our team works with your business to develop custom-made training materials and procedures that best align with your values, standards, and processes.


Talent acquisition remotely


We help improve recruitment efficiency, making it easier for your company to find and hire the right talent and customize onboarding and communication tools.


Consulting data science


Our expert consultants will work with your team to design and develop customized and easy-to-use dashboards that provide real-time insights and unlock actionable insights quickly, effortlessly, and accurately.


Consulting data science - Assigned FTE

(Dedicated or shared)


Dedicated or shared, get access to a data scientist that will work directly with your team to drive the results your company needs and optimize resources.

Why Elevate?

Improved data driven services that provide up-to-date, comprehensive analytics and reports.

Elevate dashboard -1
Dashboard Elevate 2
Dashboard Elevate 3
Bar chart monitor and control
Monitor and improve quality control
Security compliance
100% HIPAA-certified and PCI-certified call center
Optimize your workforce and resources

Words for CCD Elevate

“CCD Operates as an extension of our business, which ultimately exceeded our expectations by helping our internal Customer Service team to deliver a premium user experience in the areas of customer satisfaction and quality. CCD's management focus on data-driven continuous improvements and quality, enabled our growth as we scaled into new geographies.”

Chief Operating Officer Meal Kit Delivery Company

“Their business intelligence is the biggest driver to making sure our profit margin is staying where it should be. Their business analytics is really focused on process optimization and helping their operational teams identify what we can do to improve.”

Top 3 radiology practice in the U.S. CCD Health customer

“CCD has the infrastructure, the experience, and the business intelligence we needed. Their business intelligence department provided all of the customer and staffing data I could ever want. And if I didn’t know how to find it, they’d perform analysis and deliver the insights I needed.”

CCD Omni customer Meal Kit Delivery Company

“I ran an in-house team of 15 agents, and as my team grew, I needed to hire more customer success managers. Depending on seasonality and demand, I’d have to scale up, but then I’d have to let them go as operations and demand shifted. CCD helps me balance my workforce and cut out the constant hiring and firing process.”

CCD Omni customer Head of Customer Experience

“CCD’s Business Intelligence is probably one of the best things they’ve done. They’re good at keeping everyone aligned with KPIs and show us optimized staffing models so we can make sure we're all agreeing on staffing models to make sure our profit margin is staying where it should be. “

CCD Health customer