Successful Outsourced Scheduling Experiences in Healthcare Centers

Led by CCD Health - CEO Kalil Diaz and Grace Hildwein, Director, Special Projects and IntegrationsDirector at RAYUS Radiology, this event will focus on best practices and key lessons from successful outsourced scheduling experiences in Healthcare Centers. Through insightful questions, we’ll analyze which factors influence the decision to outsource medical scheduling functions and evaluate the benefits and potential drawbacks for outpatient and in-patient facilities.

Join us for an insightful discussion where we delve into Healthcare and Radiology Scheduling real-world experiences and invaluable insights from both operational and medical perspectives.

Key Discussion Points:

✔ Exploring the benefits of outsourced scheduling in healthcare settings
✔ Implementing effective strategies to streamline scheduling operations
✔ Overcoming challenges and mitigating risks in outsourced scheduling

Whether you're a healthcare administrator, practitioner, or simply passionate about improving patient care, this event is tailored to provide actionable insights and foster meaningful discussions. 


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