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Statement from CCD on Hurricane Fiona

A message from our CEO, Kalil Diaz, about CCD Care’s response to Hurricane Fiona's impact on the Dominican Republic.

We want to share a message from our CEO, Kalil Diaz, about CCD Care’s response to Hurricane Fiona's impact on the Dominican Republic and how you can come alongside us to respond to the aftermath. Below you will find the help collection sites and accepted items list for you to join CCD Care’s efforts in helping those in need.

September 21st, 2022

Dear Partners and Customers,

As you are probably aware, Hurricane Fiona moved through the Caribbean and made landfall as a Category 1 Hurricane early Monday, September 19th, greatly impacting the eastern part of the Dominican Republic with torrential rain and powerful winds. As a result of this devastating event, over 2,000 homes have been affected and 12,000 people are currently displaced, with many more remaining without power, access to basic needs or shelter. Our hearts are heavy for our fellow Dominicans and neighboring countries going through hardship in those areas battered by Fiona. 

Despite this setback, CCD was able to provide transportation means, food options, and most importantly, monitoring the storm path at all times to ensure a safe environment within our two onsite facilities in Santo Domingo, Santiago, and our collaborators homes. We were fortunate to avoid a direct impact from the storm and thanks to a tremendous team effort and preparedness, our healthcare specialists were able to continue providing our solutions to the top U.S.-based outpatient imaging and medical systems business as usual.

When uncertainty is present, it’s important to remember that years of experience and thoughtful planning have gone into making CCD as resilient and prepared business as possible to face up to unexpected eventualities like this.

We are very proud that our CCD family rose to the occasion, demonstrating that Service is our DNA, and are all safe.


On behalf of CCD’s executive leadership team, we want you to know that our priority is and will continue to be the safety and well-being of our CCD family members team, while we continue to offer the best-in-class service to all of our customers.

The Dominican Republic is home to our families and friends, as an organization, we are helping our fellow Dominicans by accepting in-kind donations at our onsite facilities to aid all of those affected by Hurricane Fiona. More details on how you too can help can be found below.

radiology business solutions


With heartfelt thanks and much appreciation,

Kalil Diaz, CEO


If you are interested in donating to CCD’s Hurricane Fiona Relief Operations in-kind donations will be received until Friday, September 23rd at our onsite facilities:

  • CCD Santiago – Domyn Mall

Duarte Highway 5, Domyn Mall, Unit 216, Santiago, Santiago 51700, DO

See on Map

  • CCD Santo Domingo
John F. Kennedy Avenue, Sambil, Unit G-72, Santo Domingo, DN 11805, DO

See on Map

List of Accepted Items:

  • Canned food
  • Rice and pasta
  • Water
  • Powdered milk
  • Toilet Paper
  • Diapers
  • Clothes and shoes

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