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The President of the Dominican Republic's Chamber of Deputies, Alfredo Pacheco, met with the executives of the Call Center and BPO Cluster and the Dominican Free Zone Association (Adozona)

The representative established a conversation with Giacomo Traverso, the general coordinator of the Cluster, José Manuel Torres, the executive vice president of Adozona; Lilliam McCann, the technical coordinator of the Cluster; Carmen Arias, a member of the cluster, and Dariana Lorenzo, project manager at Adozona.

On Monday, May 22nd, 2023, the Call Center and BPO Cluster, and the Dominican Free Zone Association (Adozona), an association that CCD proudly belongs to, met with the President of the Chamber of Deputies. 

They discussed and showcased the Dominican call center and BPO industry's impressive results in 2022. Here are the key highlights from the discussion:

Job Creation:

    • Currently, the free zones in the region have created approximately 195,000 jobs.
    • 39,000 jobs have been generated within the service sector, with Call Centers leading by contributing 33,000 jobs.

Quality Job Opportunities:

    • The executives emphasized that Call Centers are responsible for creating high-quality employment opportunities in the Dominican Republic.
    • Employees in this sector are offered a base salary of 25,000 pesos, which can increase significantly with commissions and incentives, reaching up to 45,000 pesos.

Above all, the meeting between the Cluster and the President of the Chamber of Deputies shed light on the industry's remarkable achievements in job creation and the quality of employment opportunities. The executives presented compelling statistics, demonstrating the significant contribution of Call Centers to the service sector's workforce.

We could also see how these centers create many jobs and offer competitive salaries that can be further enhanced through commissions and incentives. This meeting is a testament to the Cluster's commitment to fostering economic growth, creating employment opportunities, and contributing to the region's development.

Expressing gratitude for the visit, Alfredo Pacheco, President of the Chamber of Deputies, pledged to collaborate closely with the free trade zone sector to further its development. "Our main objective is to support both national and foreign investments that generate employment opportunities and wealth for the Dominican Republic," he stated (Originally cited in GG Noticias Web)

This visit marks a significant step toward strengthening collaboration between the public and private sectors, leveraging their combined efforts to drive economic growth and create a favorable business environment. The Dominican Republic aims to attract local and international investments by supporting technological advancement and embracing public-private partnerships, generating employment opportunities and fostering prosperity.


News credit (read entire article): GG Noticias

Image credit: GG Noticias

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