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CCD University Celebrates A New Milestone: 1500+ Employees Trained In 2022

CCD Health celebrates over 1,500 employees in 2022 going through the CCD University program to help our clients increase patient satisfaction.

CCD Health just surpassed 1,500 employees trained this year through CCD University, with a total of 8,629 man-hours in different trainings. These trainings are aimed to help CCD Health provide better services to our clients’ patients and represent them in the best way possible. Every CCD Health employee goes through CCD University including our executive leadership team.

Valerie Grullon, CCD Health's VP of Corporate Services at her CCD University graduationValerie Grullon, CCD Health's VP of Corporate Services at her CCD University graduation.

What is CCD University?

CCD University is a free education and learning environment created to level up employees’ knowledge and prepare them for their personal and professional growth. With the learnings acquired through CCD University, CCD Health employees are able to provide the highest quality care and assistance to our patients.

CCD University graduates celebratingCCD University graduates receive their certificates of achievement.

CCD University’s mission and vision

Our mission is to deliver industry-leading learning and development courses aimed at educating our workforce. We seek to develop high-performing patient care specialists with extensive training that can provide exceptional patient care for our clients and continue to establish CCD Health as the best healthcare contact center and support services firm in the U.S.

Our vision is to provide our employees with the skills and experiences to become better versions of themselves, both personally and professionally.

Our 2022 goal is to exceed 2,500 trained employees and achieve 10,000 man-hours in training to improve patient care for our clients.


“The reason why I enrolled in CCD U is because I wanted to provide the best patient care experience to my clients and continue to level up at CCD. Within a few months of graduating, I was promoted to program manager, and now I’m able to help my team provide the same level of service and continue to develop their careers at CCD.”

-Victor Martinez, Program Manager at CCD


About CCD Health

CCD Health is a nearshore healthcare call center that provides exceptional customer support and, more importantly, patient experience, working as an extension of your team to implement intelligent processes backed by machine learning and business intelligence. Simply put, you can turn your customer experience into a competitive advantage that grows your business. Learn more about CCD Health here.

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