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GeBBS Healthcare Solutions and CCD Health Teams Visit CNZFE in the Dominican Republic

GeBBS Healthcare Solutions Team celebrates their strategic partnership with CCD Health at the National Council of Free Trade Zones (CNZFE) in the Dominican Republic.


[Santo Domingo, June 10th] - GeBBS Healthcare Solutions, a leading provider of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solutions, and CCD Health (Contact Centers Dominicana), a premier provider specializing in patient access and appointment scheduling services, shared  an exciting announcement today during their visit to the National Council of Free Trade Zones (CNZFE) in the Dominican Republic.

The partnership between CCD Health-GeBBS Healthcare Solutions underscores a significant moment where collective efforts can boost not only economic development in the country but also meaningful advancements positioning the Dominican Republic as a potential service provider hub for the U.S. Healthcare market.

Milind Godbole, CEO and Managing Director of GeBBS expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting the strategic selection of CCD Health in the Dominican Republic, among other regional options. He highlighted the country's dynamic economic landscape and the presence of highly skilled professionals in the BPO industry, primed to transition into RCM specialists.


From left to right: Kalil Diaz (CCD Health, CEO), Milind Godbole (GeBBS, CEO and Managing Director), Ashu Gupta (GeBBS, CMO)

Kalil Diaz, CEO of CCD Health, and Daniel Liranzo exchanged their excitement about the collaboration. They discussed potential support for the CCD-GeBBS partnership, emphasizing the CNZFE's commitment to supporting CCD in the development of the Dominican Republic workforce market through a possible collaboration with INFOTEP (National Institute of Technical and Vocational Training) to facilitate training programs for the medical BPO sub-industry, ensuring a skilled workforce and promoting industry growth in the country.


GeBBS Healthcare Solutions and CCD Health Teams at their visit to National Council of Free Trade Zones (CNZFE) in the Dominican Republic.

Jose Luis Gonzalez, representing the Division of Special Free Trade Zones, underscored the importance of such partnerships in driving economic growth and fostering innovation. Silvia Cochón, from the Promotion of Free Trade Zones, emphasized the significance of leveraging synergies and expertise between GeBBS Healthcare and CCD Health as an opportunity to develop and enhance the talent of the Dominican workforce, mainly focusing on English proficiency and software engineering to meet the evolving needs of the U.S. healthcare industry.

The participants discussed the partnership's aim to establish a competitive edge in the Dominican Republic market, offering flexible job opportunities and driving economic growth in the region.

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