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ProDominicana Hosts Strategic Meeting with GeBBS Healthcare Solutions and CCD Health

ProDominicana, the Dominican Republic's foreign investment promotion agency, held a crucial meeting with GeBBS Healthcare Solutions and CCD Health to explore opportunities following GeBBS' recent acquisition of CCD Health.

During the meeting, Milind Godbole (MG), CEO and Managing Director of GeBBs, highlighted GeBBS Healthcare Solutions, the entity acquiring CCD Health, an American company founded with Indian capital showcasing the importance of global collaboration driving innovation in healthcare solutions. 

Biviana Riveiro Disla, representing ProDominicana, emphasized the Dominican Republic's untapped economic potential beyond its current focus on tourism, stressing the importance of increasing connectivity between countries to maximize opportunities. Milind Godbole and Kalil Diaz, CEO of CCD Health, also highlighted India's rapid growth in technology and the shared vision to develop the Dominican Republic’s pool of human talent, fostering collaboration and leveraging each country's unique talents. 

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Ashu Gupta, CMO of GeBBS, pointed out that the acquisition of CCD Health by GeBBS aims to enhance medical coding capabilities, improve project efficiency, and elevate service quality through technology integration. ProDominicana reaffirmed its commitment to support strategic partnerships between Dominican and foreign companies to attract investment to the country.

The agency also highlighted its proactive approach to fostering a conducive business environment, welcoming diverse investments while focusing on specific growth areas like opportunities to support CCD Health’s growth through collaboration with government institutions INFOTEP and the Ministry of Labor to develop the Dominican workforce for healthcare and medical-oriented professions. The meeting concluded with a shared commitment to bridge the gap between job demand and available talent through targeted training programs, creating significant employment opportunities in the near future. 

"Change is the only constant," remarked Milind Godbole, encapsulating the spirit of innovation and progress that drive this strategic partnership. 

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GeBBS y CCD Health: Una alianza estratégica para la transformación de la salud en RD

GeBBS Healthcare Solutions, reconocido proveedor de servicios de gestión de ingresos (RCM) en Estados Unidos...

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Consolidan GeBBS Healthcare Solutions y CCD Health alianza estratégica en Dominicana

BS Healthcare Solutions, destacado proveedor de servicios de gestión de ingresos (RCM) en Estados Unidos según la clasificación KLAS®...

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GeBBS Healthcare Solutions y CCD Health consolidan alianza estratégica en la República Dominicana

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