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Kalil Diaz Speaks About Health Services Outsourcing at Meditalk 2022

CCD Health's CEO, Kalil Diaz, speaks about knowledge process outsourcing and health services outsourcing at Meditalk 2022.

CCD Health’s CEO, Kalil Diaz, speaks about KPO and health services outsourcing at Meditalk 2022

The Meditalk Summit is one of the largest conferences that influence and analyze the constant evolution of business around the health sector. Its goal is to review the healthcare business landscape and how the industry's key players adjust their strategies to the ever-growing needs of the market. 

So naturally, when they announced this year's event, CCD Health took the opportunity to prove why they are the number one knowledge process outsourcer in the region.

Kalil Diaz, CEO at CCD Health, spoke on how recent events made every industry in the health sector buckle down and create plans for unexpected changes. Pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and laboratories are constantly looking for new ways to manage operations through innovative technology that impacts their services, clients, and core. 

"New challenges and competitive markets are expanding new businesses focused on the health sector in many areas, including high-level management, investment, new attention models, digitalization, security on the supply chain, and many more.

-Kalil Diaz, CEO at CCD Health

CCD Health is the only healthcare KPO call center located in the Dominican Republic and is currently working with 3 of the top 5 imaging centers in the US. With over 1000 healthcare specialists that are American-minded and Dominican-hearted, CCD Health can navigate both cultures while maintaining excellent patient support ratings and HIPAA compliance.

Kalil also talked about how CCD Health is a digital telehealth pioneer that has positively impacted the Dominican Republic, not just through competitive salaries but also by generating job opportunities that will enhance employees' quality of life.

“The entrepreneurial network of the health services landscape in the DR has new key players and highly qualified professionals with a wide range of healthcare experiences. Through competitive salaries and constant employee development, we’re constantly hiring doctors, nurses, and medical graduates who have deep knowledge in the industries we service and can add much more value to the healthcare services industry. This is why, here at CCD Health, we’ve experienced massive growth and have been able to provide exceptional patient experiences at fractions of the cost.”

-Kalil Diaz, CEO at CCD Health 

About CCD Health

CCD Health is a nearshore healthcare call center that provides exceptional customer support and, more importantly, patient experience, working as an extension of your team to implement intelligent processes backed by machine learning and business intelligence. Simply put, you can turn your customer experience into a competitive advantage that grows your business. Learn more about CCD Health here.

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