AI Series: Frontiers in Radiology Webinar

AI Webinar Series: Frontiers in Radiology. Join us for a dynamic session, where attendees will gain insights on Radiology Appointment Scheduling and how to optimize it through NLP and AI Algorithms

AI Webinar Series: Frontiers in Radiology


🔹 Edison E. Sepulveda, CFA - VP of innovation at CCD Health, leading Paxiento.ai, a CCD tech-enabled division at CCD Health.
🔹Rafael A. Peña Pelletier - Our Senior Director of BI & WFM at CCD Health.

This session will focus on optimizing patient scheduling using NLP and AI algorithms. Learn techniques to enhance scheduling processes, predict no-shows, and improve operational decisions in healthcare centers.


1️⃣ Master NLP-based patient scheduling to minimize disruptions, optimize resource allocation, and prevent revenue loss.
2️⃣ Understand the application of AI algorithms in reducing scheduling ambiguities and minimizing errors.
3️⃣ Learn strategic scheduling and effective overbooking techniques to maximize appointment completion rates and optimize schedules.


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