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Top Radiology Information Systems (and How to Improve Them)

Here’s a list of the top radiology information systems. Plus, with a simple integration, you can enhance the patient experience using your RIS.

According to Forbes, healthcare in 2022 is trending towards a more personalized patient experience, embracing digital technology (including telehealth and cloud-based systems), and leveraging machine learning for better service. 

Knowing this, it’s crucial now more than ever for radiology and imaging practices to adopt measures that will enhance their radiology information systems to help streamline work and prepare for these shifting trends.  

One way to do that is to work with a company like CCD Health. CCD Health is the leading medical contact center for outpatient healthcare providers, offering exceptional patient and customer experiences. We work with the biggest radiology and imaging practices in the United States.

We can integrate with your existing RIS through automated reporting downloads to help bring a more personalized scheduling experience to your patients. 

Benefits of integrating CCD Health with your radiology information system

As a brief overview, a radiology information system (RIS) is an electronic management system used by imaging departments. If you choose to integrate with CCD Health, we’ll assess your RIS licensing. The typical RIS licensing allows us to help streamline scheduling by:

  • Accessing patient files
  • Viewing reporting to audit and optimize scheduling
  • Helping with order entry
  • Searching patient records

And more! At the end of the day, you’ll gain a streamlined process and centralized scheduling system. You can reduce manual patient scheduling processes with this integration.

The exact nature of how CCD Health can help improve your radiology and imaging business’s patient scheduling depends on the RIS. By integrating your scheduling with CCD Health, we will help you maximize your profits and machine utilization by creating optimal patient scheduling, easily accessible patient records, and more. 

We work with a wide variety of radiology information systems to streamline scheduling. Here are some RIS providers that we integrate with well. 

Top radiology information systems providers in 2022

1. Fusion by IBM Merge Healthcare

IBM Merge Healthcare is a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI), enterprise imaging, and interoperability solutions that seek to advance healthcare. They have a wide variety of imaging products, including Fusion RIS. This robust solution helps you successfully store, manage and distribute patient radiology information.

Fusion by IBM Merge Healthcare RIS


Website |

Product highlight | Build stronger relationships with this tailored solution 

Resources |

2. Centricity by GE Healthcare

Created by GE Healthcare, Centricity will help your radiology practice with scheduling, acquiring and viewing records, reporting, coding, sharing, and archiving. You’ll be able to bring all your radiology tasks together in a single workflow.

Centricity by GE Healthcare RIS


Website |

Product highlight | Modular, scalable, and task-oriented

3. eRad

eRad is an EHR-certified Radiology Information System and was designed by a team of veteran imaging center operators, radiologists, and programmers. Features include reporting, comprehensive patient and resource handling, and optimized worklists.

eRad RIS


Website |

Product highlight | Save time, streamline billing, and achieve accurate data

4. MedInformatix

MedInformatix is certified as a Complete EHR radiology information system. This allows users to bring advanced clinical and administrative efficiencies to their practice. MedInformatix has a variety of modules to customize the RIS, depending on the practice’s size and scaling needs.    

medinformatix RIS

Website |

Product highlight | Easy integration to increase efficiency and productivity

5. Exa RIS by Konica Minolta

Exa is focused on efficiency and marketability, with features that help you run and drive business the way you want. Access a wide variety of features anywhere with server-side rendering. Features include scheduling, reporting, dashboards, portals, custom workflows, live chat, and more.

Exa RIS by Konica Minolta


Website |

Product highlight | Drag and drop functions to design your preferred workflow

Resources |

Providing the best patient experience with your radiology information system and CCD Health

If you are interested in working with CCD Health to assist with your patient scheduling but use a RIS that is not in the list above, please reach out to our team. We are happy to work with all different RIS providers. Let’s start a conversation to see how CCD Health can help streamline your patient scheduling, reduce your patient no-shows, and improve your bottom line.

At the end of the day, you want to keep your patients happy while providing a seamless scheduling process to save you time and resources. Integrating with CCD Health will do just that. Learn more about our radiology information integration services by contacting us.


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